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Oct 24

The global photo booth hire Telford market is mainly bifurcated on the basis of product and application. Europe is expected to witness the fastest growth owing to higher adoption of photo booths in countries such as the UK and France. Increasing adoption of GIF photo booths in marriage ceremonies and other occasions is significantly propelling the market growth.

The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror is a highly engaging digital upgrade on the photo booth craze. This sleek, sophisticated full length mirror is interactive, encapsulating a professional Canon DSLR camera and is the perfect way to capture full-length head-to-toe photos which are instantly printed for guests to take away.

Guests can sign their photos using the touch screen paint pad, overlay a personalised animation or hashtag and choose from a wide range of digital props including hats, glasses, masks and emojis. The Magic Mirror also allows you to add a customised message across each print, perfect for capturing your event’s branding. Looking for somewhere cute and intimate for your special day? Look no further as Hadley Park House Hotel is the ideal place for you.

With a web based control panel, each Magic Mirror can be managed remotely and customised to suit any event. We can add your company logo to the mirror and brand the software, making it a perfect way to promote your brand to both new and existing clients.

The spirit of the Mirror is omniscient and able to answer any question - although it prefers to give poetic answers rather than a straightforward truth. It is obedient to its owner and refuses to carry out orders that it knows to be impossible. Despite its evil reputation, the Mirror appears to be neutral rather than truly evil, and it does not seem to have any emotions - only an ability to read a person's thoughts.

Touch Free Photo Booth

The Pic Station Mini is a touch free photo booth that can be run unattended. It uses a bright ring light to frame the subjects and captures high quality images. This photo booth is ideal for events during the pandemic because it allows you to keep your event going even with limited staff. It can be wrapped with vinyl to display instructions on how to use it in a safe way.

As we are all aware, public health guidelines are now focused on reducing the number of germs that people touch and transfer. Surfaces such as touchscreens can be a major carrier of germs. Considering the amount of time that we all interact with touch screens each day, from supermarket self check-outs to buying our train tickets it is important that they are not touched by guests during the pandemic.

This new touch-free photo booth solution is developed by LOOKLOOK and it allows guests to have a fun, interactive experience in a fully safe way. This photobooth hire is perfect for Covid-19 events as it avoids the need for participants to touch anything.

This solution works by having the participant stand a minimum of 1 metre away from the booth and then they will wave their hand towards the camera. The booth then recognises the movement and records a GIF that can be sent to a user’s device via email, text message or MMS.

Magic Mirror Video

The Magic Mirror video is a unique feature that superimposes a transparent video on the user’s live view, creating a fully interactive experience. This makes it perfect for grand openings, conventions, or store sales! The Magic Mirror booth also allows guests to send their photos, gifs and videos via text or email right from the device. This data is then stored in a spreadsheet that can be used for remarketing purposes after the event!

This unique mirror photo booth is powered by a powerful Intel Core i3 CPU with 3.4GHz processing power and NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics card for high performance and smooth multimedia experience. The one-way mirror is also made from a high resolution, HD display that is crisp and clear. The screen can be customised for your brand, logo or message and can be framed to suit any event in Telford.

Whether it’s for an event or to help people choose the right pair of sunglasses, the magic mirror is a great way to engage your customers. It’s easy for customers to compare different frames side by side and even ask friends for advice. The magic mirror is a great way to stop shoppers in their tracks and bring them closer to your products.

Add some excitement to your next corporate event by adding a lifesize image or video to the start screen of your Magic Mirror booth! This is a great way to promote your company or event and will really wow your guests.

Magic Mirror GIF

Unlike traditional booths, the Magic Mirror GIF Booth takes up much less space. This allows people bound to wheelchairs, walkers and those who cannot stand for long periods of time to join in the fun. It also does not require any lines and can capture images of your guests out on the dance floor or anywhere in the room. A fun, trained booth specialist is also included to ensure everyone has a great time and keeps the photo and GIFS flowing throughout the night.

The software for the Magic Mirror GIF booth is constantly being improved to provide the most amazing user experience. With ten unique features, it offers an interactive, high-tech solution that makes your event memorable and unforgettable!

Your guests can sign their images, add Emojis and draw on the touch screen with a virtual pen. This is the perfect way to capture personal touches and make each photograph a unique piece of art! The signature feature is a great option for weddings, birthday parties and even grad parties. This option is included in your rental pricing.


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