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What is the price difference between quartz and laminate countertops?

Dec 11


Each homeowner is aware that a kitchen renovation or new construction requires careful attention to specific areas. The kitchen countertop is an integral part of any kitchen. It is important to compare different options when choosing the best material for your kitchen countertop. It is important to choose something that matches your kitchen design and fits within your budget.


Quartz and laminate are the most common kitchen countertops. Both options are excellent, but there is a large price difference between them. What is the reason for the price differences between quartz and laminate countertops? This article compares quartz countertops with laminate countertops offered by an Atlanta home remodeling company to show why they are so expensive.

Quartz vs. Laminate Countertops: Which is Better?

It's crucial to compare laminate countertops with quartz countertops.


When buying countertops for your kitchen, pricing is an important consideration. Quartz can cost more than laminate. Quartz countertops are more expensive at $75 to $105 per foot, while laminate countertops can be purchased for $8 to $20 per square foot. This is a significant difference, there is no doubt.


Quartz is a great investment for a luxurious look and long-lasting durability, even though it comes at a higher price. Laminate is best for homeowners who have a tight budget. However, it is a smarter decision to invest in better quality and more luxurious materials in the long term.


The similarities between quartz and laminate countertops are striking. Many homeowners choose them for their stone-like appearance and unique structure. These features improve the appearance of your kitchen and can withstand water spillages.


There are many colors available for laminate and quartz countertops. A deeper look will reveal why quartz is the best. Quartz has limited options for solid colors but can be stained to look like natural stone. Laminate, on the other hand, has a greater range of solid colors. It can be made from pastels to bright oranges to rich blacks or grays.

Laminate is cheaper, but luxury homes are more about aesthetics. Quartz kitchen countertops can be replicated realistically.

Laminate Countertops Vs. Quartz: Why Quartz is More Expensive Than Laminate

Let's look at the pros and cons of quartz countertops over laminate countertops to better understand why they are so expensive.

Natural and uniform look

Quartz countertops can be more expensive than other options, but they are still very affordable when you consider their natural and seamless appearance. Quartz countertops are different from laminate countertops in that they look and feel very different.


Quartz is made from high-quality materials so there is a lot of color variation. Quartz with a harmonious texture is more common than laminate. This uniformity gives modern kitchens a luxurious appearance.

Style varieties

Each homeowner desires kitchen countertops that are distinctive. You will see that quartz countertops are more expensive than laminate countertops. There are many options to choose from so you can find the right surface for your taste and style. Quartz countertops are easy to find and readily available so you don't have to sacrifice the countertop you want.


Consider durability when comparing quartz to laminate. quartz countertops tend to be more durable than laminate countertops. These strong surfaces are created by quartz manufacturers using top-quality materials. Each piece is made up of 10% polymers and 90% natural quartz minerals. This countertop is durable and strong for your home thanks to its high quartz content.


It's important to choose countertops that are resistant to burns, scraping, and chipping, as the kitchen is a hub of activity for most of the day. Quartz countertops are resistant to spillages and other wear. If you purchase a high-quality product that lasts for many years, the higher initial cost will pay off in the long term.

Get a Better Warranty

Quartz countertops are stronger and more durable than laminate countertops. Quartz countertops come with incredible warranties from quartz manufacturers. They are certain that it will not be easily damaged after being installed. Atlanta home remodeling is one of many companies that offer lifetime warranties to their customers. This guarantees that your countertops will last for many years.

Better Long Investment

It is important to think about long-term investments when comparing quartz and laminate kitchen countertops. Quartz is more expensive than laminate, but it's also durable and will not need to be replaced anytime soon.

Key Takeaway

Although laminate countertops offer many great features, quartz is the best choice for a long-lasting solution. Quartz is a high-end product that adds value and beauty to your home. Your kitchen will stand out with its sleek, sophisticated look. Anyone who has ever worked with Kitchen Atlanta can attest to the superior quality of a quartz countertop.


Quartz can also increase the home's value. Your home's market value can be increased by using quality materials in your renovations. Quartz countertops not only look great but also add value to your home.


Quartz countertops can enhance your home's aesthetic and value. The market value of quartz countertops can rise anywhere from 3% to 7 percent. This alone should be enough reason to invest in quartz countertops for your kitchen.