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The Reserve Residences luxurious building will be situated in District 21

Aug 2

The Reserve Residences is located in hubs with integrated purpose that could be utilized as hubs to transport. The hub could consist of at least one bus stop, as and two intermodal spaces which provide spaces that are accessible to the public, and also spaces for residents of smaller zones. The idea of an interconnected hub for transportation in Beauty World was first announced in the URA Master Plan 2019.

Reserve Residences connects via The Circle Line which is often referred to by the name of The Botanic Gardens Interchange. It is The Reserve Residences condo located in various places along The Line. It is possible of connecting The Line via the Thomson East Coast line. Thomson East Coast line will remain in operation until 2022. Stevens Interchange is home to five stations close to the close of this line.

The malls that are currently under construction in the region comprise Beauty World Centre, King Albert Park, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Kings Albert Park and Beauty World Plaza.In these malls, there are several large ones which function as retail centers and transport hubs. There is a possibility that the site could also provide spaces to anyone who visits the site and connects to the internet using. It also offers other services. site also offers other services such as food, drinks as well as other services. The goal is to expand the selection of products that are offered by the site and to enhance the overall appearance as well as the feel and touch Beauty World.

The accessibility to the area is made much simpler due to the accessibility that is made easy through the Jurong Extension Line. Jurong Extension Line in combination with Cross-Island Line. Cross-Island Line is an alternative. Cross-Island Line as along with Cross-Island Line. Alongside the sleek and contemporary Beauty World Interchange, pedestrians can use an underground station directly connected with The Beauty World MRT Station (DT5) which is an integral part of Downtown Line. Downtown Line. Downtown Line.

Developers have known to be one of the top properties since they are believed to be among the few properties that can save documents and other documents, for an extended time. This applies to The Scott Towers, Greenwood Mews, Seaside Residences, Seahill, Bijou, Alana, Qbay Residences, Woods Square and Boathouse Residences and Watertown and many more.

Far East Organization and Sino Group will start the construction of homes on reserve properties situated at Jalan Anak Bukit in the next few time.

There are restaurants, offices and shops as well as other facilities that can be used commercially. The property covers 20.000 acres. It covers around 800 sq m. It's the ideal location for events that stand out from other events taking place in the area. It is expected that the site will be used to host events which are open to all the people in the region. This is the ideal place for your event.